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My rights

I am Rafayel. Today I will tell you about my rights. It’s my rights to have a fun, it’s my rights to have friends, it’s my rights to go to school, it’s my rights to have a fun and be happy.

Children in the forest

There is a forest on their way to school

Children go to the school

On the way home they go into the forest again.

I must make a nest .

Little Red Riding Hood

One day Little Red Riding Hood went to visit her granny. On het way she met a wolf. Little Red Riding Hood looked at the wolf’s eyes, ears, nose and teeth. The wolf ran to Granny’s house and ate Granny up. A Woodcutter heard a loud scream and ran to the house. The wolf opened his mouth wide and Granny jumped out.
Granny what big eyes you have! All the better to see you!

Granny what big ears you have! All the better to hear you!

Granny what a big nose you have! All the better to smell you!

Granny what big teeth you have!All the better to eat you!


Ex1, 2 pg12, ex 3 pg 13, ex6,7,8 ph 16, ex 15, pg 21

Ex 1

one apple- two apples

one bird-two birds

one shoe-two shoes

one dolphin-two dolphins

one clown-two clowns

one spider-two spiders

ex 2

They are clowns

They have got friends

Look at the bats

They are doctors

Look at the sharks

Ex 3

one fox-two foxes

one mosquito-two mosquitos

one bench-two benches

one dress-two dresses

one tomato-two tomatoes

Ex 6

a bus-ten buses

a woman-ten women

a mouse-two mice

a fish-three fishes

a tooth-five teeth

an ox-four oxes

a deer-two deers

a child-two children

a class-three classes

a foot-two feet

a sheep-ten sheeps

Ex 7

four knives

seven apples

nine cakes

eight cherries

two pumpkins

three carrots

five sandwiches


They are tall men

They’re good teachers

Look at the black sheeps

They’re nice girls

They’re pretty babies


Those are jars of jam

This is an orange

That is a carton of milk

These are tomatoes

That is slice of bread

These are watermelons

This is a jar of honey

This is a lemon

Those are limes

Make up sentences of the mixed words.

Make up sentences of the mixed words.

  1. There is a forest on their way to school.
  2.  The children go to school.
  3. On the way home they go into the forest again.
  4. I  must make a nest.


Child- Children
Bus- Buses
Cherry- Cherries
Man- Men
House- Houses
Woman- Women
City- Cities


My family

Hello.My name is Rafayel.I am eight.I am schoolboy.I am from Yerevan.I can ride a bike.

This is my family. I have a big family.Father, mother,to brothers and me. My father’s name is Arthur. He is a Boss. My mother’s name is Lusine. She is a translator.My brother’s name is Michael. He goes to kindergarden.My little brother’s name is Samuel.He is eight months.